Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Being Human: S4 Ep 1: Eve of War

On TV: Sunday 5th February 2012
Channel: BBC Three 9pm
Episode Type: 1/8
In 1 Sentence: Back at last: But is it as good without Mitchell et al?

BBC Summary: In an old B&B in a sleepy seaside town, there lives a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost determined to live a quiet, human life. But lurking in every corner of society there are vampires ready to rid the world of its humanity. The Old Ones are on their way and it's up to our heroes to fight for the right to live in peace.
It's not easy protecting a newborn child from marauding vampires when you're a ghost and a couple of werewolves, but this is what our heroes must do - whatever the cost.

My Review: With the departure of legendary vampire Mitchell at the end of the last series it was always going to be tough post-mitchell. I’d hoped the series would come back with a bang but it lacked its vital spark that it’s had in previous series. Without the Annie, George and Mitchell together there was a distinct lack of comedy and while they tried to fill the hole with the introduction of a new vampire and continuing the story of Tom, the new werewolf, it wasn’t quite enough. Nina’s death inevitably turned George into a complete paranoid mess, but there baby daughter brought a little bit of fun to the dynamic. 
The episode just seemed a bit messy, didn’t quite get the right tone and with the introduction of so many characters loyal fans may become a little annoyed. Friends who adore the show have made comments that this episode was “rubbish” and “awful” and I can see where they’re coming from. The show has gradually deteriorated since the first season, but even this episode lacked the usual flair. 
However I was still glad to see Being Human’s return and it wasn’t all bad! George’s daughter, who is eventually named as Eve, appears to us as grown up and the girl who will “save the world” which, I’m afraid is cringe-worthily cheesy. I’d hope’d for something more realistic and relatable but instead the show seems to be going even further into the realms of fantasy. The huge emphasis on religion bothered me too as it was hard to tell if they were making fun of it or just using it to make a statement. There was still lots of action with a double transformation of both George and Tom together which was great to see. But what made the episode work for me was 100% Regus (played by Mark Williams who is Mr Weasley in Harry Potter) who was hilarious and I hope we see again. Also Cutler, played by Andrew Gower, has potential to be a great character as well.
If you’ve seen the episode you’ll know how sad the ending, and while it was emotional I think they could have been a bit more serious and less sentimental about it. It seemed a little throwaway which seemed hugely dis-respectable to me. I fear that with this characters departure it will go downhill even further: it may well be the last series at this rate.  Next time looks better so I hope it picks up and becomes a series we can be proud of...

Score: 8/10

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