Monday, 2 April 2012

Upstairs Downstairs: S2 Ep6 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

On TV: Sunday 25th March 2012
Channel: BBC One 9pm
Episode Type: 6/6
In 1 Sentence: Beloveds, betrayal and blood - it’s the finale of Upstairs Downstairs!
BBC Summary: On the eve of war, Beryl and Harry face a race against time to get married. Meanwhile, Mr Pritchard makes a decision which throws the running of the house into chaos, until an old face lends a helping hand. And as Lady Agnes returns to London, a dark discovery has explosive consequences for all inside Eaton Place and changes the landscape forever.

My Review: Everything came to a head this week as secrets came out in this action-packed emotional punch of a finale. There were many a shock and a gasp throughout, which kept you on the edge of your seat until the very end!
The imminence of WW2 was the backdrop for the drama both upstairs and down. Firstly the wedding of Beryl and Harry was always going to be doomed whilst Lady Persie was still at 165 Eaton Place and I almost shed a tear when they just about managed it in the end. But that wasn’t without a huge sacrifice which we’ll hopefully see the consequences of next series! 
And of course Lady Persie wasn’t just causing trouble with those downstairs - having an affair with your sister’s husband was never going to stay under-wraps for long! And, as it turns out that wasn’t the half of it as it seems her ties to Berlin in the first half of the series were never truly severed...
Every episode this series has been consistently brilliant and I couldn’t have asked for much more in this quality Sunday night drama - the BBC at its best! 
Roll on the next series...
Score: 9/10

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