Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February: Top 20 (Part 1)

Hello and welcome to February 2012's Top 20: a rundown of my favourite 20 songs this month! I was able to go along to the O2 this month to go see Snow Patrol play and had the time of my life! Therefore you must forgive the inclusion of many a Snow Patrol song this month - I can't help but love their new album Fallen Empires! If you take away anything from this month's list it's that Snow Patrol are well worth listening to...

20. Skrillex & The Doors - Breakin' A Sweat

To be honest I didn't really like this song at first and even now it can often irritate me, but I can't help but get swept away by the melody and the beat every time. If only the talking in the middle would go away and I would love it a whole lot more...

19. No Doubt  - It's My Life

The No Doubt CD purchase I made this month was brilliant and It's My Life remains a firm favourite: a classic. 
Who's been a naughty girl then?

18. Nadia Ali - Rapture (Avicii Mix)
A classic dance song with a modern Avicii twist. Can't help but adore...
The definition of catsuit

17. Nero - Innocence
It's actually kind of weird that this song is now becoming popular as I remember I was obsessed with it at the end of 2010. But I'm glad it's finally got the recognition it deserves as it means I get to wake up to it on the radio which is always I lovely surprise.
Anime magic

16. Coldplay - Charlie Brown

Since Paradise it's been hard for any other Coldplay songs to stick. Thankfully Charlie Brown is catchy enough to change that! And the video really is beautiful...

15. Snow Patrol - Weight of Love

Snow Patrol has been at the top of my playlist this month and this album track is definitely one of my favourites. I love the catchy melody and sing-a-long chorus.

14. Ed Sheeran - Drunk
Ed Sheeran really has been a force of nature these past few months and thus his latest single has seemingly been played non-stop on the radio. It's annoyingly catchy and well, why not sing-a-long in the car ride home? Wait, what? I don't do that...
a bloody talking cat of all things...

13. Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Pictures
I usually end up listening to this on the radio just as I wake up which is just the way to listen to this song. It has a beautiful hazy dream-like quality, which is a lovely way to start the day.
Snakey business

12. M83 - Midnight City
Still a favourite of mine, it's just so different to the usual radio turnover. It has stuck with me for a few months now and still gives me goosebumps which must me a good sign! 
Running free

11. Utah Saints vs Drumsound & Bassline Smith - What Can You Do For Me
Two heavy weights join forces to create a pretty ruddy catchy song that has somehow worked its way into my head...

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