Sunday, 26 February 2012

Being Human: S4 Ep3 - The Graveyard Shift

On TV: Sunday 19th February 2012
Channel: BBC Three 9pm
Episode Type: 3/8
In 1 Sentence: What’s happened to Being Human?
BBC Summary: Hal is told he must get a job, but when the vampires catch up with him there is another offer on the table. Meanwhile, what lengths will Annie go to in order to protect the baby?

My Review: Being Human used to be exciting.’s 
There is a big focus on comedy this series rather than using black comedy to cope with what’s going on with their ever darkening lives. It’s becoming less and less plausible and thus... well less funny and more forced unfortunately. Take, for instance, annoying goth girl Michaela who guest starred this week. It was all a bit awkward, sweet and amusing but not anything to shout about. 
Which is what I miss about Being Human; there was always something new and thrilling to talk about in each episode. But now, at least, there seems to be a heavy emphasis on the characters and their relationships rather than any real action. Perhaps it’s because we’ve seen it all before now but there’s nothing shocking and - like I said last week - no romance to keep viewers interested. The plot seemed to be stalling this week with only a vague threat from the ‘old ones’ which was promptly over with in five minutes flat. 
However it wasn’t all bad the episode began promisingly with a flashback showing another side to Hal and his relationship with evil police vampire Fergus who looked set to be the new Herrick but, alas, that wasn’t to be. Fergus was one of the few characters that offered any stability as there seems to be a new guest character every week so it’s frustrating that he’s gone just as I was beginning to like him. 
There seems to be a lack of scale at the moment and the whole baby-eve-will-save-the-world-from-the-evil-vampires plot is, unfortunately, laughably weak and so I hope something better comes along soon or Being Human will end up dying a slow and painful death...
Score: 7/10

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