Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Syndicate: S1 Ep3

On TV: Tuesday 10th April 2012
Channel: BBC One 9pm
Episode Type: 3/5
In 1 Sentence: Things get more dramatic this week as this quality series continues...
BBC Summary: Five-part drama by Kay Mellor, following five supermarket workers whose lives are turned upside down when they jointly win the lottery.
Ep3: Bob and family are sent reeling by his medical diagnosis. The news causes Bob to evaluate his life and deal with some secret, unresolved personal issues which writing a cheque simply cannot solve. As he awaits a second opinion his fellow lottery winners seek help on the internet, making a discovery. The police investigation into the robbery continues and Bob starts to remember details. Jamie now thinks he is untouchable after his lottery win but Stuart is not so sure. Bob's problem forces Stuart and Leanne to seek solace in their friendship, but will she move away?

My Review: The Syndicate knows how to tug at your heart strings as this week we delve into the life of Bob (played wonderfully by Timothy Small). Last week I touched on the fact that while the plot is a little cliche it is still incredibly satisfying to watch and this continues again in this latest episode. 
It knows what it’s doing as it plays on every emotion going. Bob has found out he is dying and so we look at what this all means for him and his family. And the fact that he is now a millionaire. Because, that’s what this drama does brilliantly. Yes, there’s that fantastic USP that the character’s a newly found lottery winners and there’s the constant what-I-would-give-to-be-in-their-shoes but ultimately, when it comes down to it, it is a character-piece. Each week we focus on a character and what the money means to them and Bob’s story was just as endearing as the rest.
We also get a glimpse of the development of Stuart and Leanne’s relationship, which I’m sure we’ll see more about next week. Personally I’m all for it as Stuart’s fiancee - while the mother to their kids - is absolutely horrid and only cares about the money. I’m looking forward to when he finally stands up to her! And that’s the beauty of this show - you love every character and can completely identify with them. And that’s what makes it all work so effortlessly...

Score: 8/10

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