Friday, 31 December 2010

Upstairs Downstairs

On TV: Sunday 26th - Tuesday 28th December 2010
Channel: BBC1 9pm
Episode Type: Three part series

In 1 sentence: Warm glamour with a dark heart. 
BBC Summary: Revival of the iconic '70s series. Portrayal of life in a London townhouse in 1936, where the fates of the servants "downstairs" and their masters "upstairs" are intimately linked.
"Every morning, as soon as he sees me opening my eyes, he applauds me. 
I can’t tell you how that boosts ones confidence."
- Lady Holland of her pet monkey. 

My review:
A drama must be good if it leaves me eager to see more. So what is great about broadcasting over consecutive nights like Upstairs Downstairs did, is that it heightens the experience of good drama - making it fantastic drama in my experience. The only bad thing is that it’s always over far too quickly. 

The last time a drama grabbed me like this was Occupation and Torchwood: Children of Earth - both excellent dramas that have stayed with me long after broadcast - which, I believe, is due to the immediacy of the story without the long breaks in between each episode. 

The ravishingly shot Upstairs Downstairs captured something for me which was greatly needed in the depressing lull between Christmas and New Year. It brought elegance, humour, sophistication, but also darkness - which costume-dramas like Downton Abbey (which UD has been compared to due to their close proximity and similarity in premise) have mostly failed to incorporate. It added an extra layer to what was a warm, comfy drama forming it into something with twists and flair. Thus making me - and I’m sure millions of others if the rating figures are anything to go by - desperate to see more from 165 Eaton Place. 

Score: 7.5/10
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