Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hustle: Series 8 Episode 6

On TV: Friday 17th February
Channel: BBC 1 9pm
Episode Type: 6/6
In 1 Sentence: Bigger, better, stronger: Why does Hustle have to go?
BBC Summary: Retirement and the biggest jackpot of their lives are just one deal away but success hangs on a knife-edge - will it be a spectacular victory or a bloody end for our gang?

My Review: Where do I begin? Reviewing the last episode of Hustle is hard as I’m always going to be biased but thankfully I needn’t worry as the finale was every bit what I was hoping for: sharp, gripping and a bit of sentimentality thrown in too! The first things I noticed was the fantastic direction and camera movements which Hustle has always been comfortable with. The premise felt bigger than anything they’ve done... recently at least, which made me feel better about it being the last episode. They definitely went out with a bang! It was also funny and suave in a less forced way than usual and I was able to settle in to the episode and enjoy it rather than cringing at the cheese which unfortunately has happened one too many times this series. 
It was essentially Hustle at its best and it makes me even sadder to see it go. I loved the inclusion of the old gang and having Stacey show up as already running a con herself was a great way to bring her back.
The little talking-directly-to-the-audience section with Mickey made me nostalgic for past series’ and it was great to have a little wider insight into conmen and their world - something more honest than the glitzy fun that Hustle usually focuses on. 
Hustle has been excellent; a way of escaping the every day grind, some fun and glamour to brighten up a weekday evening. I hope someday that it will return but if it doesn’t we’ll always have the boxsets to remind us how good BBC drama can be...
Score: 9.5/10

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