Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Tudors

On TV: Saturday 22nd January
Channel: BBC2 9.45pm 
Episode Type: Series 4 Episode 1
In 1 Sentence: The sumptuous historical romp is back on exciting form.

BBC Summary: Historical drama series. August, 1540. A heatwave heightens the hidden passions of Henry's court as he reveals his marriage to Katherine Howard, a giddy girl who excites interest in others.

“Lady Mary doesn’t treat me with respect. And I think she ought to... don’t you?”
Queen Katherine to King Henry on the subject of his daughter.

My review: Oh, I love a good Historical romance. 
Having stuck with this from the beginning, I’m glad The Tudors is back on form, and, I’m sure it’s by no coincidence - there is a new character, Katherine Howard. 
She breathes new life into the programme; energetic dancing, endlessly giggling maids, playing in the mud. It would almost become to much if it wasn’t for an ominous admirer. You know this isn't going to end well. 
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is sharp as King Henry. The way he looks at Queen Katherine... well, it tells of the dark jealously to come. 

I love dramas and thrillers where you know something bad is about to happen, but you still watch the oncoming car-crash,  wishing the characters would not be so stupid and not walk down that dark alley. 
It’s ‘shout at the TV’ moments like this, that The Tudors is full of. “Enjoy it while it lasts, Queen Katherine. Don’t look at the young courtier there, while the King is watching!” 
Katherine is being portrayed as a silly young girl. She seems to not know of any consequence of her unceasing flirting. Has she not heard of his other 4 wives? 
If I was her I’d be worried. 

I’m not so sure Katherine was like this in real-life. She must have been something special to catch the King’s eye to ask her to marry him after all. 
She really can’t have been as stupid as she looks. 

But there you go, that is television for you, and it certainly makes for a great watch. I haven’t been this excited about it since it first started. 

And I look forward to seeing Katherine’s miserable end! 

Score: 8/10

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