Friday, 28 January 2011


On TV: Monday 24th January 2011
Channel: BBC 2 10-10.30pm
Episode Type: Series 1 Episode 3

In 1 Sentence: Finally showing some promise after a few false starts.
BBC Summary: Bev and Sean are successful British writers with a dream to break America before it breaks them, but unfortunately it seems they haven't accounted for one thing: Matt LeBlanc.

Episode Summary: Beverly feels excluded when Sean and Matt LeBlanc begin spending a lot of time together.

“Sean: So anyway we hung out there for a while, then he showed me his cock and we flew home.”
From the hilarious scene where Sean tells Beverley about his time with Matt LeBlanc in Vegas.

My review: After an OK first episode and a reasonable second one, I finally feel ready to review Episodes. I was waiting for it to settle down a little before dissing it completely. 
I’m glad I did as Episode 3 was at last, actually quite funny. 

The first episode had minimal Matt LeBlanc in and primarily focused on bringing Sean and Bev over to LA. Using every culture-clash joke in the book, the jokes spread thin and I felt like it was just a preview for the rest of the episodes. It didn’t grab me like I feel a comedy should do.  

Still I sat down and watched the second episode hopeful that, now they’re in Hollywood, things might pick up. Several offensive lines later (I can’t call them jokes they simply weren’t funny) the episode came to a crashing close. 
I believe the problem is the ‘boss’ character of the Network. He simply isn’t funny, just rude and mildly irritating. 

The best bit about the show is Tamsin Greig and Stephen Manga's performances. Effortlessly funny and believable as a couple, without them this whole show would never have worked.

And what is interesting in the third episode which is what made it work so well, was bringing Matt LeBlanc into the relationship and mixing it up a little. The banter between them was excellent, and the episode ended brilliantly. Meaning that for the first time I’m almost looking forward to seeing how things develop. A sign that it is improving, no less.

Score: 7/10

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