Friday, 7 January 2011

Sound of 2011

Since 2003, the BBC have produced a 'Sound of' for each year, where music experts choose the most promising new music artists for the year ahead. 
Many of the artists featured go on to have much success, including Florence and the Machine, Lady Gaga, Adele, Duffy and Ellie Goulding

Here are the top 15 artists to look out for in 2011...

9. Mona
10. Nero
15. Yuck

Zane Lowe has doing the breakfast slot on Radio 1 this week as part of the New Music Takeover, which I have been enjoying immensely. 
He has been relaying his Top 5 out of the 15 artists above to Radio 1 listeners over this past week. 

Here are Zane Lowe’s Top 5...

2. James Blake

3. The Vaccines

4. Jamie Woon

5. Claire Maguire

And here are the top 5 that I’m very excited about...

For me, Nero have been on repeat for a few weeks now and have quickly found their way to the top of my playlists.
Nero's fusion of dubstep and drum 'n' base sounds, with haunting vocals from Alana add up to some incredible tracks including Innocence and Me & You (below) and awesome remixes like Deadmau5's Ghosts N Stuff and Plan B's The Recluse.

Do It Like A Dude is one catchy song - which is no wonder considering she's already written for artists such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys. 
One thing's for sure Jessie J has an incredible voice. Looking very promising in 2011, I can't wait to see what she does next - and from the looks of this video we could have another lady gaga on our hands...

According to his Sound of 2011 page James Blake is 'at the forefront of the emerging post-dubstep sub genre of UK club music'.
All I know is that I'm completely in love with 'Limit To Your Love' and Blake's gorgeous soulful voice. 

4. The Naked & Famous - Artist's Page
This song is simply revitalising and has a strange effect of achieving both calm and the want to dance. 
In short I love this band. Another song that has a similar effect is Young Blood - check it out here.

Within the last few days I have found and gradually fallen for this song - Doncamatic by Gorillaz feat. Daley
Daley's voice is a wondrous thing - captivating me throughout every song he does. I could listen to him all afternoon...

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