Friday, 16 November 2012

Coyote Ugly

UK Release: 20th October 2000
Watched on LoveFilm Instant: Tuesday 23rd October 2012
Rating: 12
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime: 1hr 40mins
Tagline: Tonight, they're calling the shots.
IMDb Plot Synopsis: Sexy, romantic comedy about a girl in her early 20s named Violet Sanford going to NYC to pursue a dream of becoming a songwriter. Violet gets a "day" job as a bar maid at a nightclub called Coyote Ugly. Coyote Ugly is the city's newest hot spot where the employees are a team of sexy, resourceful women that provoke the clientele and press with their mischief.

A Quick Review: This was one of the cheesiest rom-com’s I’ve seen in a while and feels like it was made for 5 year old girls. It’s packed full of cliches but the fun song and dance numbers in the bar are lively enough and the ending has that heart-warming feel-good vibe that made it just about enjoyable enough to watch.

Score: 5.5/10

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