Wednesday, 12 January 2011


On TV: Monday 10th January 2011
Channel: E4 9-10pm
Episode Type: Season 2 Episode 1

In 1 Sentence: The greatly anticipated sharp joy ride of Glee is well and truly back.

E4 Summary: After returning from summer break, the kids discover they're still school outcasts.
Tina and Artie split up, Will tries to recruit new Glee Club members and Sue has a new formidable rival.
Meanwhile, Puck and Santana go under the knife, and Quinn shows up at Cheerios tryouts. Will Sue let her join?
Coach Beiste - “You're all coffee and no omlette.” 
Sue Sylvester - “That doesn’t make any sense.”
Sue and Beiste’s showdown in Principal Figgins’ office

My review: With great anticipation I sat down to watch the first episode of the second season of glee after months away. It’s hard to fault Glee when you love it so much, so this review will be short, but sweet. 

If you have never seen Glee either because you’re indifferent or because you dislike the idea of it then all I can say is - don’t judge a book by its cover. 
From the outside, I know, it can seem rather camp or cheesy or even too gleeful, but once you’ve seen the pilot episode (and I do recommend you watch from the beginning - although the weekly ‘catch-ups’ are always done with hilarious speed) you can’t help but smile and get drawn in to the witty banter. 

Just an off hand comment like Brittany’s -“Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?” - can make the episode... and your day. That and, well, Sue bring just ridiculously wonderful (see video for proof - if you need it!).

Score: 8.5/10

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