Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall

On TV: Sunday 15th January 2012
Channel: BBC 1 9-10.30pm
Episode Type: The finale to the three part drama series

In 1 Sentence: Tantalising, thrilling and sharp: this is what Sherlock does best. 

BBC Summary: Sherlock and John lock horns with their old enemy in one final problem that tests loyalty and courage to their very limits. Sherlock must fight for his reputation, his sanity and his life. But is he all he claims to be?

(Contains some spoilers)
My Review: A Sherlock episode is one thing. A Sherlock finale is another. 
I didn’t think it could get any better but somehow the Moffat machine has done it again. 
Where do I start? It was one thrill after another. It began with a bang with John telling his therapist of Sherlock’s death. That’s a hook and a half! Who could turn this off? The rest of the episode is foreboding what happens and you’re constantly on the look out for what it could be. And this type it’s the nemesis himself: Moriarty. 
We see him breaking into the Bank of England, Pentonville prison and the Crown Jewels: he means business this time. Andrew Scott gives a stunning experience. You just can’t take your eyes off the screen - who knows what he’ll do next? He’s more than a match for Cumberbatch and he leads him on a long trail until the final showdown on the rooftop. I loved the ‘I O U’ clues, building up the tension throughout the episode. But you’re so busy following these clues that the revelation that Moriarty might not exist at all is one hell of a bombshell and even left me questioning the credibility of everything. Questioning the very reality of the show is what is so fantastic about Sherlock: anything can happen, and anything does. Because the ending to this episode is what everyone’s been talking about this week and so has been hard to miss. Sherlock faked his own death. How on earth did he do it? 
Looks like we’re going to have to wait until 2013 to find out...
Score: 9.5/10

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