Friday, 27 January 2012

My Top 30 Most Anticipated Films of 2012: Part 1

Hello and welcome to my annual run down of the Top 30 films I am most looking forward to in the next year! As always the films run in alphabetical order and so this part looks at A-C. Make sure to come back soon for the parts 2-5 where you'll find both the big releases and the smaller ones you should look out for in 2012! Enjoy...

A Dangerous Method
UK Release Date: 10th February
Thoughts: A Dangerous Method was featured last year in my most anticipated for 2011 and has remain strong until now when it is finally released. This time I'm even more excited as Fassbender has a lot of buzz around him at the moment. As a Sociology student I'm fascinated by the psychology aspect as well as the relationships between the characters. It should be a strong, thoughtful period piece that may be up for a few awards in the future!

The Amazing Spider-Man
UK Release Date: 4th July
Thoughts: Starring two of my favourite actors alive Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone I've never seen a Spider Man film, but I'm oddly excited to se this one! What better time to start when it has Garfield's lovely face in it?!

Anna Karenina
UK Release Date: 17th August
Thoughts: Anna Karenina is one of my top anticipated films of the year and I'm absolutely bursting to see it! Billed as a mixture of Inception and Lurhmann's Romeo and Juliet (two of my favourite films of all time), Empire's write up in their last issue has made me even more excited! Joe Wright directs one of the greatest love stories in literature: Tolstoy's most famous work it "follows a married woman in late-19th-century Russian high-society who becomes a social outcast when she has an affair with an aristocrat. Karenina is shot in a more abstract way than usual as it portrays how high society is a 'stage' by shooting the film on an actual stage and ice rink. It is definitely the most intriguing release so far this year!
Trailer Not Released Yet

Bel Ami
UK Release Date: 2nd March
Thoughts: I featured this film last year and at last it is to be released in March. Starring Robert Pattinson it is bound to get an audience, but if he fails to float your boat it also boasts the acting talents of Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci. It's a period as you can see and follows a former soldier (Pattinson) who sleeps his way to the top of Parisian high society.

The Bourne Legacy
UK Release Date: 17th August
Thoughts: As a big fan of the original trilogy I'm a little anxious about this release but at the same time excited to see what they've done with it. The lack of Matt Damon may be a problem but if it's anything like the past films it will be too action-packed to notice. Starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, the film is set in Bourne's 'world' but Renner isn't replacing Damon you'll be relieved to here. Instead it is a continuation of the franchise and will have the same style and tone so will be worth a watch, especially with Rachel Weisz starring!
Trailer Not Released Yet

Celeste and Jesse Forever
UK Release Date: TBA
Thoughts: This indie is the next step from a rom-com as, instead of following a couple fall in love, it portrays two high school sweethearts who divorce at 30 and try to stay friends while meeting other people. Apparently it is said to have a similar tone to 'When Harry Met Sally' and stars many up and comers as well as Elijah Wood and Emma Roberts. 
Trailer Not Released Yet

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