Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Close Encounters of The Third Kind

UK Release: 16th March 1978
Watched on DVD: Thursday 29th December 2011
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi
Runtime: 2hrs 12mins
Tagline: We are not alone

IMDb Plot Synopsis: Roy Neary sets out to investigate a power outage when his truck stalls and he is bathed in light from above. After this, strange visions and five musical notes keep running through his mind. Will he find the meaning of the visions, and who - or what - placed them in his mind?

My Review: Close Encounters is a classic. You can’t get more of an iconic Sci-fi film, with the possible exception of Star Wars. However Close Encounters is a more accessible film than Star Wars - and a lot less of a commitment too! - than still has the nostalgic film making that no longer really exists today. 
That isn’t to say that it isn’t as good as present-day movies: just different. I first saw this film a few years ago and while I could only remember clips of it I did remember the general feeling of it being a good but odd film. And it can be weird, but if you stick with it you gain a feeling of elation and satisfaction as the plot comes together beautifully both figuratively and literally as this is one of Speilberg’s finest works. 
In spite of its old school charm it is gripping, spell-binding and thought-provoking until the very end. 
Score: 8/10

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