Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hustle: Series 8 Episode 2

On TV: Friday 20th January
Channel: BBC 1 9pm
Episode Type: 2/6
In 1 Sentence: Back on form: this should have been the series premiere

BBC Summary: The gang have a big problem. Ash and Mickey have tried to capitalise on the theft of a rare Picasso by selling a fake to a well-known collector, Petre Sava. But it was Sava who owned the stolen original, and now he thinks Mickey and Ash were behind the theft. Sava has taken Mickey prisoner, and Ash and the others have just a few hours to find the real stolen painting and return it. If they don't, then Mickey is a dead man.

My Review: That’s more like it! Last friday’s episode was much more on form than last week, thankfully back to the more clever, entertaining episodes we are used. I’m not saying that they’re as good as they have been in previous series’ but for a supposedly ‘tired’ show it wasn’t bad at all! 
While the Picasso storyline got on the wrong side of cheesy at times, if you look a little deeper the plot was much more intricate. 
This episode was directed by Adrian Lester, who plays Mickey Stone on the show very competently indeed, hence the lack of Mickey this week. I thought this was a fresh take on the dynamic of the group and allowed for us to see their relationships a little more clearly. 
I still have a problem with the try hard music they’re using but the episode was swish, funny and geniunely fun to watch - bring on the next one!
Score: 8/10

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  1. I watched the show, I enjoyed it immensly I chuckled and was amused for the whole program, however I have a question about the painting which was stolen forged etc, is it actually a picasso painting (I realise it would not be a picasso being used to film :)the bbc are to responsible for that) I have tried to research the painting but don't seem to be coming up with any results ..if it isn't a picasso could you tell me who actually painted the picture used


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