Sunday, 4 December 2011

Rabbit Without Ears (Kein Ohr Hasen)

German Release: 20th December 2007
Watched on DVD: Friday 2nd December 2011
Rating: 12 (in Germany)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 1hr 46mins
IMDb Plot Synopsis: Gossip-columnist Ludo finds himself sentenced to three-hundred hours of community service after he literally crashes a private celebrity party. The work is at a children's day-centre and while the job's fine it is his bad luck that the person in charge is a woman whom he used to play endless practical jokes on when they were at school; she hasn't forgotten and is prepared to use her new-found power to get her own back. She finds however that, like the children, she's warming to him. If only the court injunction had stopped his womanising too.

My Review: Rabbit Without Wars is a bit of an odd film but definitely a very funny one. It has a quirky german charm about it and is very relatable to UK audiences. It’s a shame it doesn’t have much coverage over here - I couldn’t even find a trailer on YouTube with subtitles! - but I’m oh so very glad for my (British born with German parents) friend who seems to have an endless bucket full of little gems such as this, as I would have no doubt missed out completely if it weren’t for her! 
One thing I have to say though is that it would no way be a 12 in the UK... a 15 at least. It is hilarious in a slapstick and pretty overtly sexual way, but it’s full of surprises and has fantastic acting; you get taken along on the journey with Ludo and Anna. Overall it has a great soundtrack, lots of memorable moments and emphatic leads: lots of fun for a friday night film!
Score: 7.5/10

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