Friday, 30 December 2011

December: Top 20 (Part 1)

Welcome along to December's Top 20, the last monthly Top 20 of 2011! Despite being the month of Christmas there have been a few good releases floating around, so many in fact that only one Christmas song made it in the Top 20 this month. 
Make sure to come back again soon for Part 2 to find out what my number one song of the month was as well as to check out my Top 20 of 2011 round up posts!!
But for now from 20-11...

20. Flo Rida - Good Feeling
This song works thanks to the fantastic sample Flo Rida uses, which to me was one of the christmas-iest tunes this year. It gave me that warm happy glow that was hard to find this year. It isn't coincidental, I'm sure, that the sample was also used in Avicii's corker of a tune which you'll find below...
Flo Rida's good life

19. Rihanna - You Da One
Rihanna just doesn't stop and it would seem that almost all her singles are massive and this one has the makings of another hit. I love the urgency to it and how it goes back to her roots in the Bahamas. It may not be as big as We Found Love but its a good one all the same. 
Is that another new haircut I spy?

18. T-Pain (feat. Lily Allen) - 5 O'clock
Will this song ever go away? This song teeters between love and hate for me. Oddly I often hear it as I wake up so it has somehow seeped itself into my subconscious. 
T-Pain's late home

17. Coldplay - Paradise
Now this is a song that I'm not at all sick of and I hope never will be. It's the definition of a belter. And I absolutely adore it!
Elephant a-wandering

16. Nero - Reaching Out
As regular readers will know, Nero can do no wrong in my book. And Reaching Out is more of the same, and thus it is brilliant. 
Loving the 80's-esque postmodern video!

15. Jay Z & Kanye West (feat. Mr Hudson) - Why I Love You
Skream's remix of Cassius' I Love You is 100% going to be in my Top 20 of 2011 and so to see two of the world's biggest rappers take on this great song was a joy to see and excellently catchy at that, with a more urban edge. Glorious.
Ooohh! I love this so

14. Rihanna (feat. Calvin Harris) - We Found Love
We Found Love stormed into the top spot out of nowhere a couple months back and has remained strong in the charts ever since. As well as sticking around in my playlists too. There's really nothing to hate with this song...
Rihanna's own movie

13. Example - Midnight Run
Example is rivalling Calvin Harris with his top single rates and Midnight Run is another strong one with a different, more adult tone this time I think. It didn't capture my imaginations as much as usual but it was still half decent. 
Example goes for a drive...

12. Wretch 32 (feat. Etta Bond) - Forgiveness

Wretch joins the club of British rappers who 1. I can actually understand what they're saying and 2. I can relate to what they are rapping about and appreciate the in-jokes. Wretch has proved that he is more than just the 'Traktor' guy but has actually released many a decent track and this slower one I somehow like more than the rest. It is almost painfully honest and I really respect him for that.

11. Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party - Antidote

Wow. Ever since I first heard this on Radio 1 a few weeks ago I have grinned ever time it came on as it is an exciting, heavy, beat-tastic ball of brilliance. Love it.
Asian nights

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