Sunday, 18 December 2011

Shallow Grave

UK Release: 6th January 1995
Watched on Recorded TV: Friday 16th December 2011
Rating: 18
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Runtime: 1hr 32mins
Tagline: The award winning thriller that'll bury you with laughs.
IMDb Plot Synopsis: Three friends discover their new flatmate is dead but loaded with cash.

My Review: Wow, what an astonishing piece of film making this film is! And I would expect no less from the legendary Danny Boyle, whose debut feature film this is. He dives straight in with some wonderfully energetic scenes that introduce us to Christopher Eccelston, Ewan McGregor and Kerry Fox as three flatmates interviewing perspective new flatmates. It is immediately funny and intriguing and reels you in straight away. So much so that if you hadn’t any prior knowledge about the film what happens next would be a big shock indeed. 
Now I won’t be talking too much about the plot as it is effective if you no very little of what happens and I don’t want to ruin the incredible experience of watching it. All I can say is that Christopher Eccelston and Ewan McGregor are outstanding and are just gripping as friends who gradually spiral out of control. 
Shallow Grave is a tale of when greed goes very, very wrong and is a dark extraordinary film that is simply riveting from start to finish. A must see if there ever was one!
Score: 9/10

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