Friday, 2 December 2011

November: Top 20 (Part 2)

Hello again and welcome to Part 2 of this November 2011's Top 20 songs. This is where I run down my top 20 tunes that I've loved this month. There's been quite a bit of action in the charts over the past few weeks and it's been tough to choose my favourites. Read on to find out my number 1!
10. Snow Patrol - This Isn't Everything You Are
Snow Patrol are one of my favourite bands and Final Straw one of my all time favourite albums, but while their previous album wasn't as grabbing for me, their past few singles are right back on form and this one is no exception. Subtle but moving it's not going anywhere any time soon.
Dance Fighting

9. Coldplay - Paradise
You can't get much catchier than Paradise. It's now migrated to the television as it seems to be in almost every other advert. And I can see why. It's the definition of uplifting and definitely still cheers me up on a dark winter's eve.
An elephant goes wandering

8. Adele - Rumour Has It
Adele. 2011 has been her year alright as she's going down a storm and her newest single continues the success. More upbeat but with her ever present bitter undertones, it's an addictive one.

7. Labrinth (feat. Tinie Tempah) - Earthquake
Still hanging around is Earthquake, now my fail safe for getting me up and going as it blasts energy out into the room. It's a brilliant happy, jumping song with many an edge. Perfection.
Labrinth Monks

6. M83 - Midnight City
Ahhh, Made in Chelsea. The show ended this month and this is the song that kicked off every week to get effect, giving me a shiver of excitement every time. It is an amazing song in itself however with a haunting electronic melody that will stay with you for days...
The super kids escape

5. Rihanna (feat. Calvin Harris) - We Found Love
Still everywhere, it is the unstoppable Rihanna joining forces with Mr Dance himself creating a bubbling track full of pain and urgency that you just can't help but sing and dance too!
Like a movie indeed

4. Bruno Mars - It Will Rain
November was, of course, the month of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and as this is the 'single' of the film as well as me really loving this song it has soared to number 3. It's much more upbeat and mainstream than previous 'singles' from the Twilight saga but has still retained the beautiful melancholic edge that absaloutely works!
Wet battered house


Now, I first heard this on the beautiful Nanelew's channel who, along with Meekakitty, made an absolutely hilarious video for it - do watch it you won't be disappointed. It is 100% on of those songs that gets completely stuck in your head. It even soundtracked one of my dreams recently - it's just that good!

2. The Wanted - Warzone

I know it's not technically out yet (hence the lack of real single cover) but I have fallen head over heels for this song. I twas only beaten to the number one spot due to it only being in my life for the past week or so. It is gorgeous though a ballad with a dubstep edge that I cannot get enough of...
Explosive Cheating!

1. Chase & Status (feat. Sub Focus) - Flashing Lights
Chase & Status do it again with another blinder of a song. With a magnificent melody, epic bass and a pumping hook it takes you to a different place entirely. They can do no wrong...
Lesbian Killers?

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