Monday, 7 March 2011

Becoming Human

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Channel: Found here every Sunday after Being Human.
In 1 Sentence: Addictive off-shoot of Being Human which is gradually becoming unmissable.

BBC Summary: Becoming Human is the new online drama from the world of Being Human. Follow Adam, Being Human’s teenage vampire, as he becomes embroiled in a dark and dangerous (yet funny) mystery.
My Quick Review: Becoming Human centres around Adam who was in episode 2 (‘Adam's Family’) of Being Human and made a huge impression not only on Mitchell, George and Nina but on us the audience. 

A 46 year old teenage vampire who fed on his human dad to stay alive. But when his father finally dies he is taken in by George and Nina who try to help him start a new life on his own. They try to enlist Mitchell in helping them, hoping he would teach Adam the ways of being a vampire. But as Mitchell was dealing with issues of his own, he refused leaving Adam to go it alone. After a few mishaps Adam finally feels able to leave the B&B and make a fresh start. 

This is where Becoming Human comes in. Adam decides to go back to school and try and get some qualifications to make something of his life. He soon realises he isn’t the only supernatural at the school though as he encounters Christa, who’s a werewolf. 
He also meets Matt, a ghost, which is when the fun begins... 
Matt is adamant he was murdered so the series follows them trying to uncover the killer. 

Not only are there twists and turns with hilarious and dark results but the relationship between Adam and Christa (dubbed ‘Arista’ online) is compelling. Adam clearly has feelings for her, whereas Christa seems to despise him. But as they say there is a fine line between love and hate! 

The only critical thing I can say about Becoming Human is that the episodes are too short. The quality of these ‘webisodes’ however are equalling that of television and there is no reason why Adam etc couldn’t have there own show. Becoming Human fits nicely into the world of Being Human and I hope to see another series very soon. 

Score: 8.5/10
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