Sunday, 20 March 2011

Frankenstein's Wedding... Live In Leeds

On TV: Saturday 19th March 2011
Channel: BBC3 8-9.20pm
Episode Type: One-off live event

In 1 Sentence: Brilliantly involving live television with fantastic performances.

BBC Summary: 
Be part of BBC Three's bold re-imagining of Mary Shelley's much-loved gothic masterpiece, Frankenstein, at a spectacular live TV event with drama, music and dance.
Scientist Victor Frankenstein (Andrew Gower) is marrying his childhood sweetheart Elizabeth (Lacey Turner), but the Creature (David Harewood) that Victor created is seeking justice.

My Review:
Whenever there are live events from the BBC I am always a little apprehensive, but definitely curious. There is something about it being live that makes it so thrilling to watch. Anything could happen. And it was with that feeling that Frankenstein’s Wedding began. Yes, there were mic mishaps and a few awkward pauses between scenes but overall it was hard to fault. 

Pulling it off was a feat in itself, but to have be of quality - and the highest quality that we treasure from the BBC - is a miracle. The first few songs fit a little out of place but once it got into the swing of things, climaxing in Victor Frankenstein’s (played magnificently by Andre Gower) haunting singing of Snow Patrol’s Make This Go On Forever.

That moment alone was breath-taking. Lacey Turner (playing Victor’s wife-to-be, Elizabeth) was the stand-out of the show. So good I forgot it was live she lived every moment, so much that I was close to tears at the end. 

Another moment that was stunning was when the crowd, all 12,000 of them, danced. It was dazzling seeing them sway and move together as Victor and Elizabeth took their first dance. 

And of course I haven’t even mentioned Frankenstein’s Creature yet. Played by David Harwood he brought the right amount of tenderness and despair to the inhuman role. He made you feel for him. 

Shocking, tender, heart-breaking - it had it all. Never have I been captivated so spectacularly. 

Watch it here!
Score: 9/10

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