Thursday, 24 March 2011

Top 5 Ones To Watch

There has been quite a few brilliant programmes on over the past few weeks, that have become unmissable TV.
Here are my five top programmes on TV right now...

Love Thy Neighbour
Twelve families compete to prove that they deserve to win a home in the picture-postcard perfect Yorkshire Dales Village of Grassington.
Enormous fun, being from a village myself (albeit a Devonshire one), analysing the village politics. The looks on their faces when some of the couples arrive is priceless!

The Model Agency
This new series goes inside the offices of Premier Model Management to reveal the realities of life in the world's most glamorous industry.
Anything but glamorous this series is fascinating and the epitome of addictive watching.

Junior Doctors: Your Life In Their Hands
Seven newly-qualified medics start working on hospital wards for the first time. But are they up to the job?
After giving up on Holby City and Casualty about a year ago, I was glad to dip back into medicine once again. But this is nothing like Holby City and Casualty (thankfully) - it's much, much better. This is real and all the reactions and emotions are first-hand real. Anything could happen. And anything does. Brilliant.

Jamie Oliver brings together some of Britain's most inspirational individuals to see if they can persuade 20 young people who've left school with little to show for the experience to give education a second chance.
Being as I am a sixth-form student studying Education in Sociology this is very interesting viewing. But I would have watched this whether I was studying it or not. The concept is genius, but does it work? Hmmmm. We shall have to wait and see...

Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags
Series charting the metamorphosis of Lily Allen from pop star to retailer as she and her sister Sarah launch their own fashion store.
The idea from the start is just a little bit bonkers. Take two estranged sisters and put one who has no concept of money in charge of the buying and 'the flaky one' in charge of the finances and it would seem to be a recipe for disaster. But somehow the girls have (so far) cobbled together a business. How successful it is she remains to be seen... which is why it is such compelling viewing!

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