Monday, 14 March 2011

Julie & Julia

UK Release: 11th September 2009
Watched in Cinema: Sunday 13th March 2011
Rating: 12A
Runtime: 2hrs 3mins
Tagline: Based on Two True Stories

IMDb Plot Summary: Julia Child's story of her start in the cooking profession is intertwined with blogger Julie Powell's 2002 challenge to cook all the recipes in Child's first book.
A Quick Review: This charming film tracks the life of Julia Child in Paris from 1949 and Julie Powell in New York from 2002. 
Julie is depressed in her job and only finds comfort in cooking, so her husband, Eric, suggests that she write a blog about cooking. Julie quickly decides that she will give herself a deadline - 1 year - to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s cookbook, ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’. 

Meanwhile we also follow Julia’s story as she and her husband Paul move into an apartment in Paris. Here she discovers her love in food and decides to go on a cooking course. Slowly, but surely she becomes a brilliant cook and, with two french friends, she helps to write a cookbook teaching American’s how to cook french food. 

Filmed with warmth and love the film is beautifully made, with brilliant acting from Helen Mirren, Stanley Tucci and Amy Adams. Emotionally you go through Julie and Julia’s journey’s with them which makes for a fantastic film.
Brilliant, light and heart-warming ‘Julie & Julia’ is a unique, interesting film that celebrates life, love... and food! 
Score: 8.5/10

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