Friday, 29 March 2013

Lipstick Jungle

I came across Lipstick Jungle on LoveFilm Instant and after seeing it was similar to Sex and the City (it's form the same writer) and that Kim Raver from Grey's Anatomy was one of the leads, I decided to give it ago. And while it took a while to build, and is still completely unrealistic, I can't help but find some girly guilty pleasure in it am now on season 2 (the final season). 
Not only does the gorgeous Kim Raver (middle) star, but so does Robert Buckley from One Tree Hill. And so it is rather odd flipping from Grey's, to OTH to Lipstick Jungle as the actors crossover: I often get confused who is who!
Lipstick Jungle will certainly not be everybody's cup of tea but I enjoy the female empowerment message. All three of the women are very successful in their own right and that's a great message to put out there. I also love that Wendy (Left) is an executive producer at a movie studio as that is very similar to the path I want to go down. It's a little bit of my dream on screen and it's so addictive to watch!

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