Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Upstairs Downstairs: S2 Ep3&4 - A Perfect Specimen of Womanhood & All the Things You Are

On TV: 4th & 11th March 2012
Channel: BBC One 9pm
Episode Type: 3-4/6
In 1 Sentence: Like an old pair of cozy slippers, Upstairs Downstairs is nice and snug on a Sunday night...
BBC Summary: Ep3: Blanche comes face to face with her former lover when a scandalous novel is published and, when the passion between the pair reignites, begins to consider a life away from Eaton Place.
Ep4: Harry's desire to impress Beryl leads him and Johnny into the world of boxing and, as their big fight draws ever closer, the boys are determined to reign victorious. Upstairs, as she and Sir Hallam drift further apart, Lady Agnes is reacquainted with a familiar face who shows her an exciting world away from 165 Eaton Place; and Sir Hallam makes a dangerous decision which will change his life forever.

My Review: Upstairs Downstairs is shaping up to be perfect Sunday night viewing, with each episode looking exquisite and having the perfect pacing for your end-of-the-weekend brains. Each episode focuses around a particular character's plight and in episode 3 we were introduced to Blanche’s old lover (played by Emilia Fox), which naturally stirred things up both upstairs and down! Blanche has been a bit of a mystery figure and so it was lovely to find out more about her past. Hallam and Persie grow ever closer too and at the end of episode 4, after the catalyst of Agnes and Landry’s friendship, events occur that mean that things will never be the same again in 165 Eaton Place. 
Downstairs, the servant’s boxing event added some excitement to the mix and it was lovely to see a friendship develop between Harry and Johnny as well as something more between Harry and Beryl - which has been a long time coming! 
Every episode is beautifully crafted and I would like nothing more for it to be on every week!

Score: 8/10 & 8.5/10

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