Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Top 30 Most Anticipated Films of 2012: Part 5

Welcome to my final part of My Top 30 Most Anticipated Films of 2012, featuring letters T-W! That's it for this year but make sure to check back for both my review of how well this year's films have done and to find out my anticipated films for 2013!
Tiny Furniture
UK Release Date: 30th March
Thoughts: The premise for Tiny Furniture is intriguing albeit slightly pretentious. I'm not sure if the critics warmed to this, let alone the audiences but it's inspiring to see how female independent filmmakers have managed to release a film - whether it's any good or not remains to be seen.

Titanic 3D
UK Release Date: 6th April
Thoughts: Titanic: one word and my heart flips, goosebumps creep down my neck. I've grown up in love with this film and it still remains my favourite film of all time, even now. No matter the bad shtick people give this film it is still the ultimate blockbuster - action, romance, thriller, disaster - it has everything you could ever want in a film! It is the epitome of an iconic film and was the highest grossing film of all time until recently when James Cameron's Avatar over took it last year. It never fails to bring a tear to my eye and therefore I am beyond excited to not only see Titanic in the cinema for the first time but also in 3D! If I do nothing else to commemorate the 100th Anniversary I shall go see this film a good few times!

UK Release Date: 9th March
Thoughts: I was lucky enough to get to watch this film about 5 months ago now at the London Film Festival and still the haunting atmosphere of this film resonates. Pinto proves what a star she can be as she shines in this Tess of the d'Urbervilles adaption set in India. From the get-go the action is fast-paced but also poignant and I couldn't recommend it enough...

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
UK Release Date: 16th November
Thoughts: The end is nigh as the Twilight Saga draws to a close this year. Part 1 was better than ever ending with the tantalising image of Bella's red eyes opening as she has now become a vampire herself. And that's not all the Cullen's have to worry about...
No Trailer Has Been Released Yet

Upside Down
UK Release Date: TBA
Thoughts: I haven't heard an awful lot about this film but the snippets printed by Empire and Total Film have me interested in finding out more! Starring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess (two names I wouldn't have put together!), it is summed up as "A man searches an alternate universe for a long-lost love from his youth". The trailer below looks incredible - expect some tears though! 

The Woman In Black
UK Release Date: 10th February
Thoughts: Everyone I know whose seen this has loved it and been surprised that for something so scary it is a certificate 12A! I look forward to being scared out of my wits soon...

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