Tuesday, 27 March 2012

White Heat: S1 Ep3 - The Dark Side of the Moon

On TV: Thursday 22nd March 2012
Channel: BBC Two 9pm
Episode Type: 3/6
In 1 Sentence: A gem of an episode - the 70’s bring love and destruction...
BBC Summary: Six-part drama series about the interwoven lives of seven people whose relationships are forged in the white heat of the 60s through to the present day. 
Ep3: In 2012, a fourth former flatmate arrives. In 1973, London is targeted by an IRA bombing campaign. Alan finally makes his long-awaited play for Lilly, while Charlotte's volatile relationship with Jack implodes and she realises she must move on. Orla faces a family crisis that will haunt her for life.

My Review: I think I’ve been taking for granted just how beautifully shot this series has been. Whoever is directing these episodes (Edit: the director of White Heat is John Alexander, who was also behind Exile last year) I completely admire and respect as they have been gorgeous!
Love was in the air in both good and bad ways as Charlotte and Jack’s relationship finally disintegrates as Jack’s grandfather passes away and the loyalty between him and his father gets stretched too far. I feel rather sorry for Charlotte but I'm also seeing in her in a new negative light. How can you stay with this person for so long (over 5 years I believe) and put up with being treated like that? It shows that she is actually quite weak despite her strong political opinions. Victor is still hanging around and - as we found out last week - they will end up together, for however brief a time (long enough for her to be pregnant at any rate!), I was looking forward to something happening between them at last. But alas, we are being forced to wait once again. 
At least there was some satisfaction in seeing Lilly and Alan finally end up together. After Lilly was involved in a bombing they are walking home and there’s a lovely scene between them where they’re walking away and we hear the monologues inside their head until they turn around! Very sweet indeed! And in the present day we see Alan turn up at the flat so that leaves only 3 of them left (Orla, Jay and Jack - the latter of whom I predicted it was from the beginning but we’ve yet to see!)
I was initially a little down on this series but it has definitely grown on me as it is not only beautiful to watch but I’ve grown to know the characters well. I now can’t wait for next week!
Score: 9/10

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