Friday, 30 March 2012


On TV: Thursday 29th March 2012
Channel: BBC Three 9pm
Episode Type: Series Overview (6 episodes)
In 1 Sentence: A fantastically funny show which MUST have a second series!
BBC Summary: A heart-warming comedy following two unlikely young parents-to-be on a nine month roller-coaster ride.

My Review: I wasn’t sure what to to expect when I first sat down to watch Pramface 5 or 6 Thursdays ago, but I was hoping that it would live up to the amusing adverts I’d seen. However, I wasn’t prepared for just how brilliant it was! 
Every character was fully fleshed and I was laughing out loud throughout each episode - which is a major rarity these days I have to say. Laura and Jamie have to be the sweetest characters and so to see their progression in coming to terms with their imminent parenthood as well as gradually getting to know each other was thrilling from start to finish. Jamie’s friends Beth and Mike also added some extra comedy if you were at all lacking and I loved how both sets of parents were also included - often having scenes without the leads so you could get to know them all too.
All in all I fell smack in love with the characters, the comedy and Pramface as a whole and I literally can’t now wait for a second series (which I believe has been commissioned)! Hurry up!
(Also the entire series is on BBC iPlayer now until next Thursday 5th April - go watch it while you still can!)
Score: 9.5/10

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