Friday, 21 September 2012

The Aviator

UK Release: 6th January 2005
Watched on LoveFilm Instant: Tuesday 4th/11th September 2012
Rating: 12A
Genre: Biography, Drama
Runtime: 2hrs 50mins
Tagline: For some men, the sky was the limit. For him, it was just the beginning.
IMDb Plot Synopsis: The script begins as a young Hughes directs one of Scorsese's favorite films, Hell's Angels. Hughes was so obsessed with perfection in the aerial sequences that he waits forever for perfect conditions, right down to cloud formations. The Aviator ends in 1946, when Hughes was still a dashing young man and romancing actresses like Ava Gardner and Katharine Hepburn.

My Review: This film is so freaking long! And unfortunately it got very dull in the middle which was a shame as it began so promisingly. Leonardo DiCaprio is, of course, his usual oscar-worthy self and there was a surprising amount of diversity on display as the role of Howard Hughes is no easy ride! Beginning as a young, rich playboy making the most expensive film in movie history to date (Hell’s Angels) he soon descends into a man controlled by his very extreme OCD, even making it impossible for him to leave a room in weeks as he can’t bare to touch the door knob. All this doesn’t stop his obsession and passion for planes and even does the test runs himself - leading to a crash which left him badly burnt. There is so much story to tell in Hughes’ life it’s a wonder it was able to be condensed into a 3 hour movie.
In fact it’s the magnitude of the film that was the most breathtaking and Scorsese’s really shines in his direction and cinematography of the film. He gets the periods of the 20s, 30s and 40s just right and it’s quite a spectacle to watch.
Just be prepared for the length though as it can be a killer!

Score: 7/10

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