Wednesday, 6 June 2012


UK Release: 24th September 1999
Watched on DVD: Sunday 27th May 2012
Rating: 15
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Runtime: 1hr 43mins
Tagline: Reading, Writing, Revenge.
IMDb Plot Synopsis: Tracy Flick is running unopposed for this year's high school student election. But school civics teacher Jim McAllister has a different plan. Partly to establish a more democratic election, and partly to satisfy some deep personal anger toward Tracy, Jim talks popular varsity football player Paul Metzler to run for president as well. Chaos ensues.
This film takes the scandals and mudslingings associated with presidential elections and transposes them to a high school election for student council president in Nebraska- with impossibly sharp, satirical results. 

My Review: This is actually quite a difficult film to talk about as it’s such an oddball of a film - quirky and clever but with an off-putting edge at times it was actually hard to pinpoint how I felt about the film after watching it. And even a week or more later I’m not completely sure! That isn’t to say it isn’t bad it’s just.... different. 
Like nothing I’ve ever seen before it follows many different characters - teachers and students - as they go about the school election. The film uses voiceover narration to get an insight into how they are affected and it really is fascinating to watch. It’s dynamically shot and the excellent acting - particuarly from Reese Witherspoon who I now see in a different light - made it enjoyable and I found it hard to anticipate how it would end. Although in hindsight it really couldn’t have been anything else! 
The kooky vibe gave it an interesting depth and while I can’t say I loved it, or that I found it as funny as the trailer makes it out to be, I can definitely say it was a very smart film and one to enjoy for yourself.
Score: 8/10

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