Saturday, 30 June 2012

June: Top 20 (Part 1)

Welcome to June 2012's Top 20 where I run down my top 20 songs from the past month. I can't believe we're half way through the year already and its shaping up to be an excellent year for music! Today we're looking at 20-11, so remember to check back again tomorrow to find out what made the number one spot! So let's begin...
20. Park Bench Society - Room No. 66
One morning I turned on the radio as I was waking as I often do and this beautiful song began playing. It seeped into my subconscious and stayed there for the rest of the day...

19. Skrillex - Bangarang
Who can say no to this? It's just a whole heck of fun to listen to!
that's some ice-cream...

18. Maroon 5 - Payphone
Catchy to the point of irritation; Maroon 5 are well and truly and back!
point break

17. Holy Other - Touch
Perfect relaxation music - plug in your headphones, turn them right up and lie down. You'll be transported into another more incredible place. 

16. Plan B - Lost My Way
Plan B keeps the hits coming with his new single which is gritty rap and soul with a twist. Excellent singing in the shower music!

15. Rihanna - Where Have You Been ?
After seeing her headline act last Sunday at Radio 1's Hackney Weekend, this song seems to be everywhere and if anything I love it even more!

14. Jay Z & Kanye West  - Paris
I have a funny feeling that this will end up as my number one song of THE WHOLE YEAR! That's right I absaoutely adore it, more than that I'm in love with it, months after I first heard it. That's some serious love right there. It just never gets old and still gives me goosebumps. And Jay Z's set on Saturday night just blew my mind.
that's cray

13. Kids of 88 - Tucan
This is a gorgeous song with an equally gorgeous video that is well worth a watch. Makes you feel like you're flying...
Nature's Beauty

12. Tom Milsom - Baltimore
This is one weird song, but perfect for relaxing in between revision. I love all the random noises and they keep surprising me which is part of the charm. 
naked drawing

11. Knife Party - Bonfire
This song kind of sums up the feelings and whole vibe of leaving school this past month as this songs captures the music that was played at the leaver's party. The energy, that reggae beat - it's just brilliant!

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