Friday, 29 June 2012

Lana Del Rey - National Anthem

Today's tune of the day was my number one from this week's Music Monday and after the release of the video (finally!) on wednesday this song has become so much more of a favourite that it deserves a post all on its own! 
Also I'm posting this today due to a lack of internet meaning I can't post this months Top 20 like I originally planned - but keep an eye out for it tomorrow if all goes well! 
It's definitely been a musical month; blasting the tunes during revision and exams and attending the Hackney weekend last weekend. There's a fantastic abundance of great new music at the moment and it's an exciting time! 
And Lana Del Rey is still surprising me with National Anthem as it is the perfect summer song, with a more upbeat tone and it's a great belter for car rides!
And the video is absolutely beautiful too... (skip to 1.42 if you just want to listen to the song!)

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