Sunday, 1 May 2011

William & Kate: The Movie

UK Release: 24th April 2011
Watched on TV: 29th April 2011
Rating: 12
Runtime: 1hr 23mins

Tagline: A Prince, an ordinary girl. And a very British love story.
My Plot Summary: This film follows the story of Prince William and Kate Middleton as they meet at St Andrew’s university and eventually fall in love. Despite the highs and lows of a Royal Romance, including being hounded by the press, Will & Kate’s love remains strong. 

My Review: This film is quite simply the worst film I’ve ever seen. 
It was horrendously cheesy and mostly inaccurate, considering it’s meant to be the events of William and Kate’s lives. 
It is shamelessly a cash-in for the Royal Wedding and looks like it has been put together in a matter of weeks (which it most probably has). There was terrible use of green screen, and the inside of the Middletons house looks like something out of an American sitcom - certainly not a British middle class home. 

The script was cringe-worthy. Throughout the entire film I was screaming “They would never, ever have said that!” at the television. And I think this comes down to the fact that the ‘characters’ the actors were playing were nothing at all like William and Kate. It was as if they’d had a personality transplant! None of the actors looked like any of the Royal family or the Middletons. It’s hard to find anything good or credible in this film. 

The only thing saving it from a dire 1 out of 10 is the fact that it was so terrible I found myself laughing at what I saw before me. If that was what they were aiming for then they succeeded. If they wanted some ridiculous fluff to add to the hype then they also succeeded in that - it’s just not worth seeing beyond the 29th April 2011. 
I do hope no-one watches this film thinking that what they see is a true representation of William and Kate, Britain and the Monarchy as it is simply a twisted American perception of their ‘fairytale’ story that should be buried in a safe never to be seen again.
Score: 2/10

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