Monday, 9 May 2011


On TV: Sunday 1st - Tuesday 3rd May
Channel: BBC One 9pm
Episode Type: Three-part drama series
In 1 Sentence: Gripping, emotional and intense; Exile is a showcase of British talent
BBC Summary: Psychological thriller that tells a story of prodigal redemption, as a son returns to his hometown to reconnect with his father and learn the truth about what happened between them years before.
My Review: Exile is gripping from the very beginning. The plot thickens at every corner, unravelling layer after layer of mystery and intrigue. 
John Simm plays Tom Ronstadt, back home after his fall from grace to see his father, Sam (Jim Broadbent) and sister, Nancy (Olivia Colman). Nancy is struggling looking after Sam as he has Alzheimer's and is deteriorating every day. We soon discover that Sam beat Tom half to death when he was teenager and was the reason Tom left. Tom wants to know why. On his path to discover the truth an immense conspiracy theory begins to surface and it’s not until the final episode that we really find out the truth - and boy is it a shock.

Filmed beautifully and a showcase of best-of-British acting with Jim Broadbent portraying Alzheimer’s so well, making it clear the struggles Nancy and Tom go through as well as everybody else that deals with the disease every day. Olivia Colman also stood-out. Known for comedy it was brilliant to see her in a more serious role, and even better to see her completely nail it.

Exile was tender, dark and compelling - a wonderful British drama. 

Score: 7/10

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