Sunday, 1 July 2012

June: Top 20 (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of this month's Top 20! Read on to find out which song made my number one spot...
10. Katy Perry - Wide Awake
This song kind of caught me off guard and I fell for it instantly. The video is just so perfect for the song and symbolises brilliantly the feelings in the song and Perry's feelings post-Brand. I especially love the punching the prince charming in the face! Ultimately this is a beautiful, addictive song and deserves to climb high in the charts!
Maze Nightmare

9. Plan B - Ill Manors
The anger and aggression that fuels this clever political tune really came through during Plan B's performance at Hackney Weekend last week. It's just really well written and put together and sums up society recently...
Urban Safari

8. Rudimental (feat. John Newman) - Feel The Love
I still love this song! This has been knocking around for months now and has been the soundtrack to my exams, leaving school and now the beginning of the summer. It still succeeds in putting a smile on my face and I don't envision this ending any time soon!
Desolate Horses

7. Professor Green (feat. Ruth Anne) - Remedy
Seeing Pro Green perform this last week really made me enjoy the song even more. I already loved the song but now it has so many more fantastic memories attached to it. This is a great song to dance to and really let loose!
the disease

6. Lana Del Rey - National Anthem
Lana Del Rey is becoming more and more a force to be reckoned with and is undoubtedly my favourite new artist this year. And somehow she's done it again and released another incredible song of which I've become obsessed. Bravo!
Kennedy Nostalgia

5. Sub Focus - Out The Blue
My love for this song was waning a little I'll be honest. After being hooked by it for so long it was time to move on... or so I thought. After seeing Sub Focus last week however my love for  this song is now stronger than ever!
underwater art

4. Avicii - Silhouettes
This song was a godsend during revision! Perfectly catchy and uplifting as well as not too energetic so I could still concentrate vaguely on my work! An excellent dance anthem that started the summer off nicely!
night lights

3. Coldplay & Rihanna - Princess of China
Coldplay and Rihanna?! Can it get any better than this?! This manages to combine the two rather distinct artists styles amazingly well and still end up with a belter on their hands. And what a video!
Movie Magic

2. Dot Rotten (feat. TMS) - Overload
Overload was another song that was just on constant repeat during revision hell last month and it really did stop me from going insane. I love the combination of retro classic Robert Miles and Dot Rotten's modern urban edge. It has a powerful effect which I just adore and wow, really summed up how I felt during exam season!

1. Jay Z & Kanye West (feat. Frank Ocean) - No Church in the Wild
Every morning during exam season I would sit down at my desk and wack on this song. Instantly I was pumped for productivity. I don't know if you saw Jay Z's set from Hackney Weekend on TV (boy I wish I could have been there!) but it was mind blowing! I think I'm now going to set about getting my hands on the album! 
No Church in the Wild was always going to find it hard to compete for my attentions with Paris which is a shame as they are both so incredible in different ways. This song has a potent urgency and beauty to it that even today as I listen to it as I type gives me goose bumps. I'm just in love...
human beings in a mob

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