Tuesday, 31 July 2012


UK Release: 11th March 2005
Watched on DVD: Wednesday 3rd July 2012
Rating: 12
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 1hr 58mins
Tagline: The cure for the common man.
IMDb Plot Synopsis: Alex Hitchens is "The Date Doctor." He helps men to land dates. Sara is a gossip columnist for a New York City tabloid. Both are very guarded around the opposite sex. Despite their natures, Alex and Sara begin a relationship. Complications ensue when Sara's latest scoop happens to be one of Alex's clients.

A Quick Review: This film is just hilarious. Will Smith is at the top of his game and every scene is just so funny. Kevin James nails Albert exactly and the two riff off each other excellently. But of course the love interests are Eva Mendes and Amber Valletta and they do the job very nicely. There are kind of two plots to this film and the two romances are very different and play out nicely with great parallels. 
All you need to know though really is it is a sweet comedy and worth a watch.
Score: 7/10

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