Sunday, 9 October 2011

Save Doctor Who Confidential!

After the announcement that Doctor Who Confidential would be axed last week the campaign to save it has stepped up. And now as the Petition to save it has almost reached 40,000 signatures I'm asking for your help to save this treasured show.
And here's why...
The show is relatively cheap to make - there are no cast members, sets, locations etc, just a small crew needed to film what goes on behind the scenes. 
It has consistently good viewing figures for BBC3 and has a big fan base who love and adore the show, of which many (including myself) are inspired by it for their future career paths. The information and insight on set of a successful television programme is invaluable and there is nothing else like it on tv today. 
I actually agree with those saying it is too long - it is. At 45 minutes it is the same length of the original programme. 15 minutes of good quality programming would be enough. Or if the BBC are determined for it not to be on our screens a low quality web series would just about suffice but nothing at all really would be devastating. 
Cutting it all together - doesn't make sense!

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