Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bend It Like Beckham

UK Release: 12th April 2002
Watched on DVD: Wednesday 19th October 2011
Rating: 12
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime: 1hr 50mins
Tagline: Sometimes, to follow your dreams... you've got to bend the rules!

IMDb Plot Summary: A comedy about bending the rules to reach your goal, Bend It Like Beckham explores the world of women's football, from kick-abouts in the park to free kicks in the Final. Set in Hounslow, West London and Hamburg, the film follows two 18 year olds with their hearts set on a future in professional soccer. Heart-stopping talent doesn't seem to be enough when your parents want you to hang up your football boots, find a nice boyfriend and learn to cook the perfect chapatti.

My Review: After watching Bend It Like Beckham about 6 years ago, all I can remember is that I enjoyed it, it was quite funny and had a great soundtrack.
And I wasn’t far off, but I don’t think I appreciated it anywhere near as much as I do now. I know for sure that many of the jokes and dialogue went over my head as it was a lot funnier than I remembered. And it has dated incredibly well. Starring a very, very young Keira Knightley the film is a proper character piece on both Knightley’s character Jules, and Jess played by Parminder Nagra. The film centres mostly on Jess and her struggles with her family as she tries to do what she loves: play football. Her sikh family provide many laughs and there's a love triangle between Jess, Jules and their coach Joe, played by the stunningly gorgeous Jonathan Rhys Meyers. But far from the comedy and the romance is the drama. The performances are moving and the Britishness means I can really relate with what these girls are going through. The direction is fresh and energetic from Gurinder Chadha who was also behind Bride & Prejudice, Angus, Things and Full-Frontal Snogging and It’s A Wonderful Afterlife. She brings an infectious warmth to the screen, centering around realistic family relationships, making the film even more emotional and definitely worth a watch. 
Score: 7.5/10

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  1. Love this film!
    No matter how old I get, I still laugh for ages! :)


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