Wednesday, 12 October 2011


On TV: Thursday 6th October 2011
Channel: BBC One 9pm
Episode Type: 1/4
In 1 Sentence: A new conspiracy thriller that’s gritty, intriguing and full of mystery
BBC Summary: Small-time solicitor Harry Venn is forced to revisit his murky past when he is approached by a mysterious and glamorous lawyer, Gina Hawkes, looking for a missing alibi witness for her client. Harry quickly finds himself plunged into a deep and dangerous conspiracy.

My Review: Philip Glenister really shines as the lead in this new thriller. 
However, without him it wouldn’t be half as gripping. It packs a punch straight away, introducing numerous plot threads with the first 10 minutes, including the classic flashbacks to Venn’s past. It’s a little overwhelming but the fast pace keeps it interesting and softens the lulls between the action. The dialogue is reasonably sharp but the crime mystery puzzles are getting a little dull and unoriginal. We shall have to wait and see if they pull anything different out the bag. Otherwise it’s the usual swish london, hotel bars, fast cars and guns - a nice bit of escapism so long as it’s not too predictable.
Venn is set up as a womaniser, but for someone pushing fifty it’s a little unrealistic but fun all the same and spices it up a little beyond the usual mysteries for the protagonist to solve. You can tell he has many sides to him, most probably due to Glenister’s fantastic performance so he at least keeps it gripping. The last act picked up a little and considering it’s only 4 episodes it will hopefully be one to watch. I’ll certainly be watching...
Score: 7.5/10

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