Saturday, 15 October 2011

Step Up

UK Release: 27th October 2006
Watched on DVD: Friday 14th October 2011
Rating: PG
Genre: Crime, Drama, Music
Runtime: 1hr 39mins
Tagline: Every second chance begins with a first step.

Plot Summary: Troublemaker and street dancer Tyler Gage lives with his foster parents in an Afro-American lower class neighbourhood in Baltimore. His best friend Mac and his little brother Skinny go to parties together and stealing cars, however after being kicked out from one particular party, the trio break into and vandalise the Maryland School of Arts. Tyler’s arrested and sentenced to 200 hours of community service in the school, janitor cleaning. One afternoon, ballet dancer Nora Clark sees Tyler dancing and is impressed. When her partner becomes injured, Tyler offers to help her rehearse her senior showcase. Will Tyler finally stick with something for once and make something of himself?

My Review: I used to adore this movie. Wait... what am I saying? I STILL ADORE THIS MOVIE. I needed cheering up yesterday, so I turned to my trusty favourite dance film to do the job. It’s the perfect feel good film, with real emotion, drama and edge; seperating it from cliche dance films like Fame or High School Musical. The soundtrack to this film is brilliant and, at 13 introduced m to a whole new side of RnB and HipHop that I hadn’t heard before. The characters in the film are amazingly fleshed out, each with backgrounds, history, goals, dreams and aspirations. Which is more that can be said for many other ‘serious’ dramas I’ve seen. You care about the characters and there are plenty of twists to keep it from being lazy and predictable. I was surprised even yesterday at some of the twists that I had forgotten. 
Not only is there great writing and performances from leads Channing Tatum (Step Up is where my, and I’m sure many others, love for him came from) and Jenna Dewan-Tatum (who reminds me of Mila Kunis and is also married to Channing Tatum - proving their chemistry!), it is fresh, exciting and energetic and never fails to pit a smile on my face. You can’t go wrong!
Score: 8/10

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