Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bride Wars

UK Release: 9th January 2009
Watched on TV: Sunday 26th June 2011
Rating: 12A
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 1hr 29mins
Tagline: Best friends should share everything.. expect their wedding day!

IMDb Plot Summary: Two best friends become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day.

A Quick Review: This film wasn’t anywhere near as bad as what I was expecting. The way the critics trashed it when it came out a couple years ago - it was as if it was the worst film ever to be made. And it certainly wasn’t that. Good? No. But not the worst film ever made. That prize would still have to go to William & Kate: The Movie
Bride Wars, however, was the usual rom-com mush, with a few sweet and funny moments. 
I feel terrible seeing the wonderful Anne Hathaway degraded in such a trashy film and the whole thing was complete fluff... but overall enjoyable none-the-less. Being the 17 year old sucker for rom-com’s that I am. 
Score: 6.5/10

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