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On TV: Saturday 11th June 2011
Channel: Channel 4 9-11.10pm
Episode Type: First two episodes of the ten-part dramatisation of the Arthurian legend starring Eva Green, Joseph Fiennes, Jamie Campbell Bower and Tamsin Egerton.

In 1 Sentence: Entertaining, glossy new fantasy series bringing the legend up-to-date... and for adults this time
Channel 4 Summary of Homecoming/The Sword and the Crown:
King Uther's long-lost daughter Morgan unexpectedly arrives at his castle.
Uther rejects Morgan's offer of forgiveness for banishing her 15 years earlier, so she shapeshifts into a scullery girl and poisons him. Merlin arrives too late but tells Uther on his deathbed that Arthur, Uther's secret son, must claim the throne. Morgan forms an allegiance with King Lot, the sworn enemy of Uther, and makes a bid for the kingdom. Meanwhile, Merlin goes to Ector and his wife, the couple to whom Uther entrusted Arthur as a baby, and he, Arthur's brother Kay and Arthur head to Camelot.Morgan tells Arthur and the enemy warlords that to install Arthur as King would lead to civil war. But when Arthur reacts to King Lot's goading, Lot brings forth the body of the man that Arthur killed and as revenge, murders someone close to Arthur. Later, Arthur makes a grand gesture to get the support of the kingdom. Lot's men gatecrash Arthur's coronation and Merlin keeps his eyes on Morgan.
My Review: Camelot certainly isn’t Merlin. Definitely not for children it was refreshing to watch a drama specifically for adults with no allowances for children. I found it an interesting, mature take on this ancient legend, and I even began re-evaluating the story that I thought I knew inside-out and how differently it can be interpreted. It was shot beautifully and despite some of language which felt a little out of place for a historical drama I found it very involving. 
It began hilariously, and was just a little on the cheesy side with Uther portrayed almost as a pantomime villain and Merlin’s entrance incredibly over dramatic. But as the two episodes (shown together as a feature-length episode) developed a more darker, entertaining side emerged. I find myself wanting to see more, which rarely happens these days. 
You can definitely feel the influences of The Tudors and Torchwood (the creators of which are behind this) and as they are two of my favourite shows this makes me excited for what’s to come!
Score: 7.5/10

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