Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Blind Side

UK Release: 26th March 2010
Watched on LoveFilm Instant: Thursday 27th September 2012
Rating: 12A
Genre: Biography, Drama, Sport
Runtime: 2hrs 9mins
Tagline: Based on the extraordinary true story
IMDb Plot Synopsis: Based on the true story of Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy who take in a homeless teenage African-American, Michael "Big Mike" Oher. Michael has no idea who his father is and his mother is a drug addict. Michael has had little formal education and few skills to help him learn. Leigh Anne soon takes charge however, as is her nature, ensuring that the young man has every opportunity to succeed. When he expresses an interest in football, she goes all out to help him, including giving the coach a few ideas on how best to use Michael's skills. They not only provide him with a loving home, but hire a tutor to help him improve his grades to the point where he would qualify for an NCAA Division I athletic scholarship. Michael Oher was the first-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 NFL draft.

My Review: The Blind Side blew me away from the word go. I can’t tell you enough how fantastic this film is. There’s something about it: this uplifting inspirational quality as well as being beautifully filmed and bursting with emotion. I was literally tearing up every other scene! It’s the cliche story of making something out of nothing and yet it never gets old. But it’s the coming together of people, the touching kindness and warmth of the real people that the film is based on that shines through. 
It really is one of those brilliant tales you can’t make up; it gives you hope and a glowing smile by the end. It’s just lovely to see a film where Christian charity is the real star and not romance or good vs evil. It’s something else. It’s the against all odds story performed magnificently by all involved. 
Firstly, Sandra Bullock, who won an Oscar for this performance. I can’t think of a better part she’s performed and she just completely nails this rich blonde southern mother who opens up her home and shows the most caring, wonderful heart. Michael is played by Quinton Aaron and, wow, he was stunning too; you completely empathised with his character. 
And last but not least little Jae Head who played SJ was just the icing on the cake as the most adorable and inspirational little kid ever. He is what I call the ‘dream child’ - the type of child character that doesn’t exist in real life but is the kind of brother you would dream to have. 
I can’t say enough good words about The Blind Side - just go see it for yourself and you’ll understand. I even bought the DVD (for less than £2 off amazon - no excuses!) so I could watch it all over again...

Score: 9/10

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