Wednesday, 20 April 2011

50 DSC: #7 A Song From Your Favourite Film

Being one of the people than can never truly settle on a 'favourite' thing, let alone a favourite film being the film lover that I am, I tend to hop between favourites. Currently (and basically since last October when I saw the film) Inception is my favourite film. It just blew my mind and still does every time I watch it. Absolute movie of the year and deserved way more Oscar recognition than it did.
The song that made that film for me is today's #7: A Song From Your Favourite Film.
When this song came on in the film it gave me goosebumps, sending emotions rushing through me that I never thought possible to get while watching a film. And the best thing is the effect still hasn't worn off. The Inception soundtrack is truly magical and Hans Zimmer is a genius.
The most beautiful song in the world (and rivalling for 'A song you want played at your funeral) is...
Time - Hans Zimmer (Inception Soundtrack)

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