Monday, 14 February 2011

The BAFTAs 2011 Winners

Well, what an incredible night! Once again the BAFTAs were held from the Royal Opera House in London, where it has been held since 2008.

There were many memorable moments, including Helena Bonham Carter’s hefty speech and Rosamund Pike (in a beautiful Alexander McQueen dress) almost announcing the winner of Original Screenplay prematurely. 

Obviously the big winners of the night were The King’s Speech - no surprise there! But who else got an award and was it what we were expecting?
Let's have a look at the winners as we relive the night’s awards...

1. Original Music - 
The King’s Speech
Starting as they mean to go on, The King’s Speech kicked things off with an award for Original Music. I personally felt that Inception was good competition for the award, but it was still well deserved. 

2. Special Visual Effects - 
Incredibly deserved, Inception has definitely shown cinema how to do special effects well. 

3. Supporting Actress - 
Helena Bonham Carter for The King's Speech
What a speech! Despite the length, or perhaps with the length, Helena delivered an excellent speech upon winning a well deserved award. Up against some tough competition, Amy Adams or Barbara Hershey could easily of won, and will hopefully get recognition at the Oscars. 

4. Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer - 
Chris Morris for Four Lions
Writer and Director Chris Morris winning not only for his talent, but I feel for the content of his film. Gareth Edwards’ Monsters was also a contender, with his impressive ‘homemade’ film. I hope he gets recognition in the future, and I look forward to both Morris and Edwards’ next features. 

5. Outstanding British Film - 
The King's Speech
This film truly has touched the hearts of the nation and is a film Britain can be very proud of. 

6. Supporting Actor - 
Geoffrey Rush for The King's Speech
Another win for The King’s Speech and this time it is to Geoffrey Rush, someone who has played many great supporting roles in the past, including Captain Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean. He definitely proved himself, shining just as bright as Colin Firth. 

7. Original Screenplay - 
The King's Speech
David Seidler gained much praise last night for his screenplay of The King’s Speech. And rightly so as, for film with a lot of dialogue, it never got boring and flowed effortlessly, which is a testament to his talent. 

8. Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema - The Harry Potter Films

At last, Harry Potter gets some recognition for it’s impact on not only British cinema but world cinema. The biggest franchise ever created and growing still, the last film will be a sad and happy time for all. 

9. Animated Film - Toy Story 3
After over 16 years since it was first played on the big screen, the last sequel was last summer’s blockbuster that really was, for all. And for that reason, it was really the only contender for the BAFTA this year. Will any other animated film ever compare to Toy Story? Let’s hope so...

10. Orange Wednesday's Rising Star Award - Tom Hardy
It was an extremely close run this year with every single nominee (including Gemma Arterton, Aaron Johnson, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield) displaying considerable talent. Andrew Garfield in particular was a favourite to win with his work in The Social Network and Never Let Me Go. But Tom Hardy was the one I, and it seems many others, voted for, as his past roles, including Inception and ITV’s Wuthering Heights. 

11. Adapted Screenplay - 
The Social Network
Aaron Sorkin, of course, the genius writer behind The Social Network, which is a film loved for its clever, sharp script. I, especially, came away from watching the film thinking how remarkable the writing was, so I’m glad that Sorkin has got recognised for it. 

12. Director - 
David Fincher for The Social Network
The Social Network thankfully wasn’t entirely eclipsed by the force that is The King’s Speech, and to win a best director is brilliant for Fincher as his vision of the film worked so effortlessly well, which is always the best way of directing. 

13. Leading Actress - 
Natalie Portman for Black Swan
Portman scoops up yet another award for her starring role in Black Swan. Her powerful portrayal of a psychotic ballet dancer has made quite an impact this awards season, and will probably continue to make an impact at the Oscars. 

14. Leading Actor - 
Colin Firth for The King's Speech
Delivering yet another endearing speech, Colin Firth won his second consecutive BAFTA this year, which was a given really after his storming performance and how well The King’s Speech was, and still is, received. 

15. Best Film - 
The King's Speech
And last but not least, the big one... Best film. Of course, after its performance so far there was only one possible winner, although I still held out hope that any of the other nominees, significantly The Social Network and Inception, two of the best films I have even seen. I still feel that, had the two been released in Awards corridor they would have made a bigger impact with the academy. But I still keep comfort in the fact that the Oscars are yet to come, so there is a bigger possibility of them being recognised there. Seeing as The King’s Speech is such a quintessential British film, it is only right that the British Academy award it’s own. 

Other awards include...
Sound - Inception

Editing - The Social Network

Production Design - Inception

Cinematography - True Grit

Fellowship - Sir Christopher Lee
Now all that's left is the Oscars! It shall be interesting to see the different outcomes between the two. 
The Oscars are in about 2 weeks on the 27th February.

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