Monday, 7 February 2011

The Vampire Diaries

On TV: Tuesday 1st February 2011
Channel: ITV2 9pm 
Episode Type: Season 2 Episode 12

In 1 Sentence: Fast, thrilling and addictive; The Vampire Diaries is definitely turning it up a notch for 2011.
ITV Summary: US supernatural drama. Damon asks Elena to look after the injured Rose while he attempts to get the truth out of Jules - but the situation unexpectedly turns dangerous.

My review: After the Christmas break, The Vampire Diaries is back on UK television, and I must say looking better than ever before... 

With the introduction of new characters including the werewolves, and older vampires things are certainly never boring for Elena, Stefan and Damon. 

If you aren’t familiar with the series, then the basic premise is that the Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon are both feuding vampires who end up falling in love with Elena. Elena chooses Stefan, but then things start to get complicated. With her boyfriend being a vampire and her best friend a witch, it would seem she’s a magnet for the supernatural, she encounters a number of baddies all wanting her for various reasons. 
Not to mention Katherine, the evil vampire who faked her own death, who Stefan and Damon were also in love with. As I said things can get complicated, but never, ever, boring!

My favourite character this season is Caroline, who has been focused on more and more recently as she deals with her recent vampire status. Her love triangle between werewolf Tyler and human Matt is sweet and has potential to hook me in for months. 
Another recent favourite of mine was Rose, who, as you’ll know if you watched Tuesday’s episode, eventually died in Damon’s arms. I thought the acting in those scenes and the touching last moments in her dream was very well done, and just reminds me how high the production values are on this show. Just because they spiel out so many episodes, doesn’t mean it hasn’t got quality. This shows especially when they go back in time, which are always my favourite episodes. 

What The Vampire Diaries are best at doing is exploring the complicated relationships between these different supernatural people, while still retaining their humanity. They also know a thing or two about reeling the audience in and I am definitely one of them!

Score: 8.5/10

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