Monday, 21 February 2011

Never Let Me Go

UK Release: 11th February 2011
Watched in the Cinema: Saturday 19th February 2011
Rating: 12A
Runtime: 1hr 40 mins

IMDb Plot Summary: As children, Ruth, Kathy and Tommy, spend their childhood at a seemingly idyllic English boarding school. As they grow into young adults, they find that they have to come to terms with the strength of the love they feel for each other, while preparing themselves for the haunting reality that awaits them.

My Review: Starring the supremely wonderful Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield, Never Let Me Go follows Kathy H. (Mulligan) as she, Tommy (Garfield) and Ruth (Knightley) grow up at Hailsham. 
Hailsham, we soon discover, is not any ordinary school, and the children in it are far from ordinary. The love-triangle between the 3 leads begins here, and Mulligan effortlessly steers the audience through their messy relationship. 
What is interesting is that Kathy has the fewest lines of them all, but we sense every emotion through her eyes. 

Beautifully shot, there are many scenes that bring tears to your eyes, but I can’t say much without giving away spoilers.  
The book by Kazuo Ishiguro was my favourite read from 2010. It really hits home, but without sentimentality and is packed full of twists that gradually emerge without fan fare. Kathy H. is an unusual heroine as she is so quiet, hard-wearing and self-effacing. I can’t recommend the book enough.
While, watching I was aware that someone who hasn’t read the book might find it a bit cold. However fans will applaud the film for getting across the lack of emotions Kathy, Tommy and Ruth have about their fate and how wrong that is to us, but not to them in their dystopian world. 

It really is a masterpiece, and I wish it had got more recognition in the awards season. We need more films like this. 
Score: 9.5/10

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