Monday, 8 April 2013

Finding Nemo (3D)

Original UK Release: 10th October 2013
Watched in Cinema: Sunday 7th April 2013
Rating: U
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Runtime: 1hr 40mins
IMDb Plot Synopsis: After his son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, a timid clownfish sets out on a journey to bring his son, Nemo, home.

My Review: Celebrating it’s tenth anniversary this year, Finding Nemo returned to cinemas and it was a delight to see that it would be showing in 3D. Out of all the films that should be re-released in 3D, Finding Nemo is definitely up there as it’s gorgeous corals and colourful fish a brought to life and with added depth which only adds to the already classic story. I was so excited to see it again, as having grown up with it as one of my favourite Pixar films I couldn’t wait to see whether it stood up to the test of time and was entertaining, even as an adult. 
And it definitely did! While it felt a little shorter (probably due to my age!) it was thrilling from start to finish and the waves of nostalgia felt no bounds as I eagerly anticipated each now adventurous twist and turn. Despite knowing most of what happens, I had forgotten a few encounters and they were a lovely surprise. 
If you haven’t seen it before... where have you been?! This is one of the best Disney films ever made. And with it being re-released in breath-taking 3D there is absolutely no excuse! Or if you’re like me, and you grew up with the film then now is the perfect time to reminisce. And I’m happy to report that the CGI animation still looks immaculate. I’m shocked that they managed to make the ocean look so realistic, and incredible ten years ago!
Time has definitely flown!

Score: 9/10

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