Monday, 12 November 2012

My Recent TV Obsessions...

I am one of those people that bounce from one fantastic boxset to the next and am always gripped with obsession for one show or another. 
Recently there have been so many great shows (both being broadcast now and from days gone by) that my desk is piled high with them and my internet constantly streaming from iPlayer, 4OD and LoveFilm. 
So where to begin? Below is a list, in no particular order, of fantastic shows that I could not live without at the moment...

Definitely one of the funniest shows on the box right now I've sailed through season 1 in a matter of days - it's just so addictive! Season 2 has been ordered and is on it's way!

Desperate Housewives
After seeing this advertised on LoveFilm I got curious and embarked on Season 1, a couple of months later and I'm half way through Season 7 and very much addicted! What I love most about the show is it isn't afraid to bend the rules and take risks. It even skips 5 years at one point and does flashbacks all the time and looks through different characters viewpoints. Plus it has a wicked black comedy side which I relish!

Dawson's Creek
Dawson's Creek has been my guilty pleasure the past couple of weeks (I'm already half way through the show)! It's definitely filling the void post-The OC as it has a similar vibe. I also love that it stars Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes and seeing how they both began their careers! The love triangles between them all after also rather addictive!

One of my original boxset loves, Misfits is one of cleverest, freshest comedy/dramas on screen and while this new cast is no where near as good as the first (how I miss Nathan!) it is still laugh out loud hilarious with a dark side...

Mad Men
Nothing beats Mad Men in terms of smarts and sophistication. It is a feast for eyes and for the mind and I can't wait to get my hands on Season 5!

Gossip Girl
I can't believe it's been almost 4 years since I first watched Gossip Girl. From the very first episode I've been hooked and it shall always have a special place in my heart. At last we've reached the final season and while it has gone progressively down hill I'm hoping the writers will do the show justice and end it with as much gusto as it deserves.

The Vampire Diaries
I've been following the show from the start and I'm glad to say it just gets better and better! Each episode is full of suspense and surprise and now that Elena is a vampire things have got even more exciting!

Fresh Meat
And lastly we have Fresh Meat. This has to be one of the best original British comedy/dramas for a long time and each episode never fails to both move me and make me laugh. It really is worth a watch if you get the chance...

And coming soon... 
The Hour - series 2 starts again this week and I can't wait!
True Blood (Seasons 1-4) which I just got for a bargain price from eBay!

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